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Training Services

In a globalized economy, and an accompanying shift from a manufacturing-based economy to a service - and information-based one, employers place high emphasis not only on the educational qualifications of its workforce but also on the abilities of its employees to meet customer service expectations. The customer in question could even be another employee from within the organization. Let's look at this a little closely.

VEDAMSOFT specialises in talent transformation and delivers cutting-edge value to its clients and associates in cost-effective ways. Employing the most progressive techniques related to knowledge, skill and attitude development, we firmly believe that talent transformation can turn the fortunes of a company around.

We offer candidates the coaching necessary to elevate those skills which add tangible value to their professional and personal lives. Candidates seeking employment add skills that are most desired by potential employers - for example, skills involving business communication, interviewing, problem solving, decision making, interpersonal communication and motivation necessary to work effectively in complex matrix organizations. Similarly, our corporate training courses are designed to help employed professionals rapidly adapt to performance and productivity driven work environments with confidence.

We conduct focused interventions that deliver business results and it is this result-orientation that makes our programs distinct. We conduct the entire training cycle by partnering with our client organisation and understanding their actual needs to develop customised interventions and programs that make a positive impact, in terms of employee talent as well as business profitability.

Our Mission is to facilitate the progress of our clients by transforming their human capital. We have a team of experienced Human Resource and Training professionals who believe in the power of our programs. Our programs are a result of intensive research and development efforts in their respective areas. We are proud to call ourselves a learning organisation that regularly upgrades it's offerings through ongoing developmental efforts. We have experience in servicing several corporate clients in the Federal, State, Local and Commercial Organizations.

Our Team specialises in training programs, e-learning and assessment centres. Our training programs in Information Technology, Communication, Leadership, Selling, Negotiation and Interpersonal skills, Team Work, Team Building, Time Management, Change Management and Stress Management can make a significant difference to your employees' performance. We can make a positive difference to any skill, knowledge or attitude you wish to inculcate in your employees as we have a diverse and talented group of facilitators in our team who specialise in the vast array of professional skills needed to thrive in today's competitive professional environment.

Our services are divided into the following categories

  • Management Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Soft Skills
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Business Consulting
  • e-learning
  • Assessment Centres
  • Technology and Knowledge Management Solutions
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