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Data Warehousing

The business environment today is more dynamic than ever, with mergers and acquisitions, consolidation, and regulatory changes. To successfully implement enterprise data warehouse service organizations needs to develop a strategy and ability to adopt these changes rapidly. In addition the ability to collect and analyze internal and external data can dictate how well an organization can utilize the data for analytical purposes. However the data volumes in organizations is significantly increasing from multiple sources which creates the task of data analysis, profiling and creating stable data architecture to consolidate the data sources is challenging.

VEDAMSOFT Data warehousing services and proven methodology has assisted its customers with services that enable agility and efficiency. Our Data Warehousing Services offerings are listed as below:

Data Architecture: With in the life cycle of a Business Intelligence project building the appropriate data architecture that supports the decision making process is vitally important. At VEDAMSOFT, we understand how to design conceptual, logical and physical data models for traditional OLTP systems and dimensional modeling for data mining and data warehousing projects. We also review and reengineer existing data models to ensure that they conform to business rules and naming conventions, ensure that the end results will provide a scalable model which is optimized. Our data warehousing Service can ensure that the data warehouse is built on a good foundation that will serve the current and future needs.

Data Analysis: Data Analysis is one the most crucial steps in data warehousing project life cycle and how the data flows through the warehouse and integrates with the other data sources is crucial step. Also ensuring that key characteristic of the data should be clean and accurate. VEDAMSOFT has a proven methodology for data cleansing and building an efficient process to identify the right data sources for integration. Our profiling and data quality services specialize and focus on ensuring that the data in the warehouse is accurate, consistent and standardized.

ETL Development: Establishing a stable, efficient & timely ETL process to load the data warehouse is a key aspect and attributes to the success of a data warehousing implementation. In fact data related issues are very common in any organization and creating a process to handle these ad-hoc types of issues in real time is a complicated process. VEDAMSOFT has the expertise to handle a robust ETL design & development that will continually add value to the warehouse using the industry leading ETL tools such Informatica, IBM DataStage, ODI, SSIS and more.

Whether it is building an entire data warehouse from start to finish or working on various components of a data warehouse project, VEDAMSOFT can provide the necessary knowledge and service offerings to assist its clients to leverage the best investment of their data warehousing implementation. At any point in the project VEDAMSOFT will closely work with business and IT team and provide assistance in designing data warehouse architecture, implementing ETL modules, data access front-end and provide advance data analysis services.

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