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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence solutions address complex business issues by providing knowledge users with easy access to the right information, at any time, from any place within the organization. Utilizing Business Intelligence technologies, knowledge users are privileged to invest more time analyzing information and less time gathering data.

Business Intelligence has been treated as a software which is not true since it is more than a solution which can be further mapped to any business with respect to the organizational data associated with it. The data is gathered from CRM, ERP (SAP, PeopleSoft, etc.), Excel sheets, text files, legacy systems and data warehouses throughput from ETL process etc., processed according to company's needs and can be presented in a way understandable by business people.

We are the team of experts who are professionals and have undergone required trainings and possess adequate expertise in handling all the business related tasks. We possess the capability to bring new revolution in any business by transforming the raw data of the company to a meaningful one and generating best strategy from the same.

With its 'Information Insight' methodology, VEDAMSOFT helps its clients leverage their information in data warehouse to fullest extent and generate intelligent reports by providing the right paraphernalia and framework to the BI technical team while leaving the end results to user community to analyze and act. This methodology helps organizations to build an Executive Information System consisting of a set of customized, high-level, generally graphical views of the organization's information, enabling executive-level management to see the overall health of their business.

Key Benefits

  • Business Intelligence helps your company in Quicker, fact-based decision making
  • Business Intelligence enables Simplified reporting that helps in understanding complex information in user friendly manner.
  • Business Intelligence assists in faster collection and dissemination of information
  • It helps in implementing comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) solution which enables companies making smarter decisions from everyone at every level of business, whether inside or outside one's company.
  • Maximize visibility into the performance of your business network
  • Simplify deployment and optimized use of IT infrastructure and resources

Vedamsoft services offers ease to diagnose the data to the expected level of detail, drastically fast-tracking decision making while dramatically reducing cost and dependence on IT.

BI Practice

At Vedamsoft we are passionate about making Business Intelligence easy and have built a successful BI Practice by helping our clients align key performance indicators with their strategic goals and objectives. Our service offerings include strategic planning, analysis, design, development, implementation, support and training of BI/DW services. We have some of the best consultants in the industry and have an impressive blend of business and technology knowledge. When you need an extended staff for technical support, we deliver qualified experts who are specifically versed in Business Intelligence and Data warehousing.

Our consultants help assess and analyze organization's needs and recommend an appropriate solution that makes the most appropriate business sense, balancing cost-effectiveness and current investment plans with potential return on any new investment.

These services are complemented by VEDAMSOFT innovative frameworks (shown in the figure below) in each of the above mentioned areas. This framework has been developed based on the experience VEDAMSOFT has gained over the years by implementing services in each of these areas across several industry verticals.

Business Analytics

With the growing popularity of Business Intelligence (BI) tools, the business significance of analytics is gaining greater acceptance in industry. Portfolio analysis is a common application of business analytics. Business Analytics covers both technical and business domains. Business metrics definition and delivery, business drivers, performance management, data visualisation, and so on, fall within the purview of business analytics. Scorecards, OLAP, dashboards, technologies and solutions, too, fall in this domain.

Business Analytics focuses on developing new insights and understanding of business performance based on data and statistical methods. Business Analytics provide deeper business insight in addressing why these trends are happening, predictive modeling and optimization techniques.

As a data driven organization you may decide to initiate an organizational Business Intelligence (BI) deployment plan to achieve accurate analysis and understanding of various business scenarios in your organization. We understand the complexities of choosing the right BI tool that has to not only fulfill your budgetary expectations but has to also conform to your user specific requirements. VEDAMSOFT'S Business Intelligence (BI) implementation involves vendor independent BI implementation services.

We firmly believe that "Anything that cannot be measured in an organization cannot be improved". In view of this we work with your process managers and functional heads to design specific process metrics frame work that can bring about insights for continuous improvements in specified work flow areas in your organization. Our expert business analysts understand and analyze your needs for measurement and suggest a powerful frame work for implementing the metrics program.

VEDAMSOFT offers industry-specific analytics that include Retail Analytics, Supply Chain analytics, Claims Analytics, Transportation Analytics and Financial Analytics. We also provide analytics such as Customer Analytics, Supplier analytics, Sales & marketing Analytics that are part and parcel of any industry.

All of our BI professionals are experts in Business Analytics. They have hands-on experience not only in generating BI reports that help customers manage business performance but also in implementing analytics that provide predictive modeling and optimization that helps the customers to lead from the front.

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